When are clothes in stock?

To prevent unnecessary waste, Vina of the Valley produces small batches of clothing, starting with a preorder period. Restocks are announced on our Instagram - @vina.of.the.valley

When will I get the clothes after I preorder?

The clothes are manufactured from the end of the preorder period and take roughly 2-3 months to complete. 

Will you keep stock?

After the preorder items have been made and sent out we hope to be able to offer some ready to wear items from our collection that you can order and be sent at a faster rate. This is a case by case basis so make sure to watch our social media for updates!

How is the clothing manufactured?

All of our items are manufactured either locally in Tokyo, Japan, or in one of our carefully vetted manufacturers in China. 

Our factories all ensure the workers are in good health, safety and receive fair compensation for their labour. Ethical manufacturing is an important part of our brand.

Are plus size options available?

Our clothing currently goes up to a XL, but we plan to increase our size range with time. Please be patient as we are a very small team with a very small budget!

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide.

When will my item be shipped?

Items in stock will be shipped within 3 days. For presale items, please check the item description.

Will I get a VAT charge?

Vina of the Valley takes care of VAT payments whenever possible, however there are times when this isn't an option on our end, in which situation the customer may incur a VAT charge. 

For any further questions, please message us at contact@vinaofthevalley.com